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Our Mission


RJS Architects believes that the architecture should respond to the Client’s goals and objectives through the major components of the design objectives.  Our objectives include service excellence, design brilliance, professional distinction, aesthetic requirements and functional obligations.  Clients will receive the high level of quality service through our intent on being a personalized firm through informative design and interaction with the Client. The design shall evolve from the needs of the Client that will dictate the aesthetic principles of design proportion, massing, rhythm and balance that history has taught us in

our living environment. 


The aesthetics and functionality shall unite to create a structure or space that works with and for the users of the architecture.  The ultimate objective is the creation of places that people will enjoy living and working within which are comfortable and effective.   While within the space, the user should feel relaxed and stimulated by the environment that is interesting and beautiful. 


Design is conveyed through the services provided by RJS Architects. The resultant of the design services is the documents that the Client receives from the Architect. Documentation must be clear, concise and easy to understand for the complexity of the construction process. The professionals of the firm consistently learn of new products and construction techniques to instruct the construction team to complete the design in an effective and efficient manner.  This continual education process is effective in creating a process that reduces the permit and construction time. Our objective for the documents is to make them as beautiful as the final space the Client builds. 


State of Florida, 2000 AR-17057 

State of Arizona, 2010 49730 

State of Delaware, 2009 S5-0007464 

State of Georgia, 2013 RA013616 

State of Kansas, 2005 5424 

State of Kentucky, 2005 5971 

State of Maryland, 2006 14662 

State of Missouri, 2007 2007007712 

State of New Jersey, 2009 21AI01817400 

State of New York, 2010 034489-1 

State of Ohio, 2005 01978 

State of Texas, 2010 22289

State of Virginia, 2010 015338 


Jordy Sopourn


Jordy Sopourn graduated from the University of Miami in 1995 and obtained licensure as an architect in the state of Florida in 2000. He is also licensed in several other states including Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

Jordy brings extensive expertise to your project, with a diverse background encompassing new commercial buildings, commercial build-outs, restaurants, retail spaces, hospitals, residential homes, and mixed-use buildings. He has played a pivotal role in establishing corporate imagery and standardization for various retail and restaurant chains within the private sector and corporate domains.

His specialization in restaurant design has established him as a leader in the industry, facilitating design layouts, setting construction standards, and selecting finishes for the development and expansion of restaurant chains. Throughout the restaurant development process, Jordy excels in assembling teams for site acquisition, equipment specification, hood design, permitting, liquor licensing, and construction oversight.

Jordy's primary objective is to cultivate strong client relationships. He and his team are committed to providing clients with a pleasant and professional architectural experience, ensuring that they have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of their projects. This approach fosters positive and  enduring business relationships.


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